MBRS News Bureau:On 24.03.2021, the Session Ending Assembly was conducted where Monthly Best Room and Annual Merit Awards are conferred. The Merit Awards are given to the 1st Three Class Wise Toppers of the Academic Session 2019 – 20.

Revered Founder and Principal, Dr. N. K. Dutta Sir in his address extended Happy Session Ending Break Greetings to all students of Classes 1 to 9 & 11 and appreciated them for their dedication and discipline which they maintained throughout the academic year. In view of the Pandemic Year and despite joining late in school for offline classes, the way students progressed and coped up with the challenges in this testing times was quite amazing experience for all. He made a clarion call to all to keep up COVID Protocols as they are maintaining at MBRS, similarly at their Homes and guide others also to maintain the same. Revered Principal Sir asked all to always carry the 4 invaluable accessories Smiling; Reading; Singing & Dancing.

The following students are conferred with the Annual Merit Awards, Memento and Certificates, Academic Session 2019 – 20:

1. Class – I: 1st: ARYAN DWIVEDI, 97.17% 2nd: AYAT AJMUL HOQUE, 96.83% 3rd: ADITRI TYAGI, 96.33%

2. Class – II: 1st: EYPSHEETA GAUTAM, 97.83% 2nd: JIYA DITTA SINHA, 96.17% 3rd: ROUSHON REKAJ, 93.33%

3. Class – III: 1st: MANTRISHA KASHYAP, 98.33% 2nd: KARNYA MARDE & RISHAAN ACHARYA, 96.67% 3rd: ANASTA ZIA, 95.83%

4. Class – IV: 1st: JIGYAS KALITA, 98.83% 2nd: NABASMITA ROY, 98.33% 3rd: ABU SOHAIL, 96.83%

5. Class – V: 1st: JIWANG TAYANG, 97.67% 2nd: CHANCHITA BANIK, 95.83% 3rd: AFRIN AJMAL HAQUE, 95.67%

6. Class – VI: 1st: BIDYASAGAR KSH., 98.29% 2nd: BONASH NAOREM, 97.00% 3rd: DEESONG CHAI, 96.71%

7. Class – VII 1st: RAHUL NARZARY, 98.00% 2nd: RANDEEP CHINGTHAM, 97.71% 3rd: AFSANA KHANAM, 97.00%

8. Class – VIII 1st: KARAM RAUNAK SINGH, 98.00% 2nd: C. ZORAMMUANA, 97.86% 3rd: IYAD RAYYAN AHMED, 97.43%

9. Class – IX 1st: SHUKKEN BUI, 97.00% 2nd: ARPITA BANIK, 96.20% 3rd: ARBIN A. HOQUE, 96.00%

10. Class – XI (Science) 1st: SAIKHOM ANGELA DEVI, 93.60% 2nd: SENTINARO P. PONGEN, 93.40% 3rd: CHITU PROTIM BORUAH, 92.00%

11. Class – XI (Humanities) 1st: ARTI MAHATO, 94.80% 2nd: KHILANJANA BORAH, 94.00% 3rd: CHONGTHAM GRACERODAN & TINA KARE 93.80%

The winners of Monthly Best Room Awards are as follows:

1. TSANGPO: ROOM NO. 08 a. Kekhrie Liegise, Class 11 Sc. b. Farjina Ahmed, Class11 Sc. c. Arsik Bongrunpi, Class 9

2. MANSAROVER: ROOM NO. 01 a. Adish Lahkar, Class 5 b. Abu Sohail, Class 5 c. Rajeev Yadav, Class 4 d. Ryan Majumdar, Class 6

3. SUBANSIRI: ROOM NO. 16 a. Labine W. Khonglah, Class 12 Sc. b. Khilanjana Borah, Class12 Hum. c. Anchita Basumatary, Class 10

4. LOHIT: ROOM NO. 06 a. Rajeev Prasad, Class 9 b. Udipta Majumdar, Class 9.