Value Education

The school’s objective is to inculcate the right cultural heritage of our land with deep moral values so that they develop into strong charactered personalities. It seeks to prepare children to become thoroughly successful people who are:

  • Enthusiastic about working
  • Self motivated
  • Helpful and compassionate
  • Eager to share credit
  • Happy to share credit
  • Eager to acknowledge shortcomings and mistakes
  • Confident and progressive.

The Building Block of Excellence in All Things:

  • To compete with oneself, not others
  • To be able to take responsibility for one’s own learning.
  • To strive to do one’s best always
  • To strive for beauty and perfection in all one does
  • To recognize the potential of every child in becoming a useful member of a family, a society and the world
  • To nurture every child’s potential to become the best he/she can possibly be