Our Mission & Shared Vision


Our Mission

Our mission is to create world minded citizens who are endowed with value and life skills and who are at the same time confident and capable in multiple ways, critical thinkers who are motivated from within to their best always, caring individuals who think in terms of service to others, who understand their potential, make a difference, and who have noble aspirations. The school aims to prepare children to develop into successful adults through right education. MBRS inculcates deep moral values in the children so that they emerge with a strong sense of values and character, and I become personalities with healthy attitudes, endowed with a sense of social justice and responsibility towards society as a whole. Such an education will enable students to succeed in both exams and in life.

A Shared Vision

The Shared Vision of the School is to empower teachers to prepare children for global citizenship with deep moral values and a sound knowledge of our rich heritage.