Welcome Day-Scholar Freshers 2024!

On June 22, 2024, MBRS welcomed Day Scholar Freshers with vibrant festivities. Led by our esteemed Founder and Principal, Dr. Nripen Kumar Dutta, the event embraced students from Class I to XII, ensuring equal participation and joy throughout.

The celebrations commenced at 10:00 AM with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, accompanied by the melodious rendition of our anthem “Hail Ho Bronsonians” by our students. Principal Sir articulated his commitment to nurturing holistic development, extending his guiding hand to all students on their educational journey.

Following his inspiring address, the cultural extravaganza unfolded with the energetic dance performances. Mrs. Nandini Dutta, Honourable Secretary of the Miles Bronson Education Society, also graced the occasion with her encouraging words. The event was a delightful fusion of talent and enthusiasm, embodying the rich culture and dignity of MBRS, cherished by both students and teachers alike.

Welcome to a new chapter, where every step is a celebration of learning and growth at MBRS!