Diwali Delight at Miles Bronson Residential School!

Our campus was adorned in traditional hues with festive spirit and enthusiasm.

The evening unfolded with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by our esteemed Founder & Principal, Dr. N.K. Dutta, who shared insights into the deep-rooted significance of Diwali in his warm welcome address. 

The stage came alive with vibrant performances by our talented students, showcasing their dancing and musical prowess. The enchanting music concert by the Mild Strings band, led by the incredible Sainte Choudhury and Indrani Talukdar, filled the air with melodious tunes that captivated hearts.

Special wishes from the Honourable Secretary, Nandini Dutta Ma’am, added an extra sparkle to the festivities. The celebrations culminated with a heartfelt vote of thanks from Liberson Potsangbam, Cultural Secretary of the Student’s Council. 

Here’s to the joy, traditions, and the vibrant spirit of Diwali!