At Miles, Students get the platform to nurture their latent talent through brush and colors along with their regular syllabi and co-curricular activities. An art is a creation which reflects a child’s persona. Here the children get the full scope to discover themselves. In their cozy Art and Craft room, under the supervision of their teacher they venture into a new world that enhances their everyday learning experience. MBRS has a record of producing students like Mache Tamba who was adjudged as the 10 th award winner in the International level and first in the national level besides several note worthy awards in the inter school painting competitions in the state level and national level. Every year Art and Craft club has the maximum number of students for its exemplary training and occasional workshops
Visual and Kinesthetic intelligence of the child surfaces. It is nurtured here as students indulge in a riot of colours, learn origami, craft, claymodelling, creative pieces out of waste.