Welcome Residential Freshers 2024!

On June 22, 2024, Miles Bronson Residential School (MBRS) marked Freshers’ Day for its residential students with a distinct flair. The evening commenced at 6:00 PM with a warm welcome from Chayamo Woch, Cultural Secretary of MBRS, fostering a sense of unity among seniors and juniors alike.

The MBRS Council set the tone with the spirited rendition of the school anthem “Hail Ho Bronsonians” before Principal Sir addressed the gathering. His speech underscored the holistic development and importance of discipline in shaping young minds.

Mrs. Nandini Dutta, Honourable Secretary of Miles Bronson Education Society, commended Principal Sir’s dedication in achieving the event’s success. The cultural festivities unfolded with captivating instrumental performances on violin and keyboard, delighting both students and teachers.

The event concluded at 8:45 PM, followed by a delightful dinner enjoyed by all attendees.