Miles Bronson Residential School at Indus School of Leadership Program 2023

The Indus Leadership Programme took place at the Indus School of Leadership in Bengaluru from August 19th, 2023, to August 23rd, 2023. It was led by Neha Dutta, the Director of Operations & Students Welfare and Vishek Dutta, the Assistant Headmaster,

Heartiest Congratulations to all Residential students for their great commitment & competency at the program .

Genevia Shullai ( XII Sc )
Sudeep Chinghtam ( School Editor )
Jubeeb Rahman ( School Eco Captain )
Karam Raunak Singh ( School Head Boy )
Debashish Kathar ( School Library Secretary )
Joshua Lyngdoh ( Round Square President , MBRS )
Bamang Yuma ( School Sports Secretary)
Nai-i-ka Lamnen ( School Cultural Secretary)
Joyeeta Das ( School Head Girl )
Arishia P. Marak ( School Cultural Secretary)

The Leadership curriculum is based on theories such as Kolbe ‘s Theory , The Locust of control theory put to applications through activities & challenges The theories have been derived from the 4 C ‘s of for the 21st Century Leader being Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity & Critical Thinking.

Here is a brief overview of the activities on each day:

On August 19th, the students participated in activities received an explanation about a First Aid Kit.

On August 20th, the students experienced the Obstacle course , Discovery Course, Leadership Reaction Course,
On August 21st, the students engaged in a challenging trek as well as slithering activities.

On August 22nd, the students participated in Go – carting and visited the central food hub of Bangalore Frazer Town

On August 23rd, the students had a nice experience at Phoenix Market city

designed to enhance the leadership skills, teamwork, and overall personal development of the participating students during the Indus Leadership Programme.