MBRS News Bureau:The Tuckshop of MBRS is operational after renovation. Students are already availing the facility as per their hostel turns under the supervision of the Houseparents.

Besides snacks and juices, students can purchase toiletries for their personal use and the list of few items are mentioned hereunder.

♦️ SNACKS & JUICES:Chicken Dumplings; Veg Dumplings; Chicken Pizza; Veg Pizza; Chicken (Breast, Leg Piece & French Fries); Patis; Pastry; Ice Creams: Double Chocolate; Butter Scotch; Vanilla; Chokissimo; Disc Oreo; Fruity; Appy; etc.

♦️TOILETRIES:Body Wash; Shower Gel; Toothpaste; Toothbrush; etc.

Please note that this is completely optional and each student can utilize a maximum of Rs.350/-, per visit to the tuckshop.