Empowering Educational Excellence : MBRS Welcomes CBSE Sahodaya Principals & Educators Conclave 2023 18th November, Saturday

Celebrating a day of enlightening discussions at Miles Bronson Residential School! Hosted the CBSE Sahodaya Principals and Educators Conclave 2023 on 18th Nov. A gathering of 65 participants from esteemed schools in Guwahati.

Highlights included the ceremonial lamp lighting by distinguished guests, with Mr. Jagadish Barman (Head CoE, CBSE) as Chief Guest, and Prof. C.B. Sarma (Former Chairman, NIOS) as Guest of Honour. Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak, Chairman of Sahodaya School Complex, Eastern Odisha Chapter, shared insights as a Guest Speaker.

Key discussions revolved around inclusive education, competency-based learning, and the significance of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Mr. Barman emphasized the need for NEP, while Mr. C.B. Sarma delved into its finer points and quality transformation.

Mrs. Manobi Deka explored quality transformation in foundation years, and Dr. Nayak detailed competency-based assessment, followed by a post-lunch session on a holistic progress card. Mr. Samyak Mohanty discussed pedagogy design for foundational classes.

The Conclave concluded with Mrs. Purnima Mehra’s closing remarks.