Round Square Inspection

We are delighted to inform you that the Round Square 5 Year Reflective Inspection was conducted   the Director RS Balbir Sandhu .

The inspection commenced with paying homage to Dr Miles Bronson by garlanding his bust placed at the front of our Administrative Block .

This was followed with a meeting with the Principal where various questions like how associations with Round Square has impacted the school, was are the programs of Round Square implemented in the school, how can Round Square support better we’re asked.

Then there was a presentation from the students comprising Council Members on the IDEALS of Round Square . This followed with an interesting interactive session with the Students along with Neha Dutta, Director of Operations and Students Welfare Dr Neha Dutta.

A zoom conference was also conducted with few Parents . In the afternoon a session on the Round Square Discovery Framework was conducted with MBRS teachers.

The event was a great success and we thank one and all for their kind support and Co-operation.