On 5th September, 2021, Teachers’ Day was celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of former President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

The event commenced with the floral tributes and lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Revered Founder and Principal, Dr. N. K. Dutta Sir in physical presence of all Teacher and Staff as well as Parents and Students through virtual mode.Revered Principal Sir in his address highlighted about the contribution of the great philosopher & teacher and the prolific writer Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who showcased the rich Indian Culture and Tradition across the Globe. Dr. Dutta Sir referred about the Change which always enables someone to perform better in the field of Education, Skills, Innovative Pedagogy and Technology. He made a clarion call to all inculcate Love for Subjects, which not earned by shortcuts and in reality requires a strong Mental, Emotional and Physical Health with Skills. In the course of his speech, Dr. Dutta Sir referred about Blended Classes which comprises Instructional Videos, Self Paced Guided Practice and On Spot Asessments.

This virtual plus offline ceremony was also featured by a colourful cultural program presented by the following students:

1. Doushik Das (Std. 1) 2. Maahir M. Rizvi (Std. 1) 3. Rajat Sharma (Std. 1) 4. Sayasmita Das (Std. 1) 5. Hrishita Das (Std. 1) 6. Madhurjya Kalita (Std. 1) 7. Konseng Phukan (Std. 1) 8. Bhairabi Baruah (Std. 2) 9. Yuvaraj Kalita (Std. 2) 10. Aazra Marvilla Tirth (Std. 2) 11. Samridhi Seth (Std. 2) 12. Udayan M. Gogoi (Std. 3) 13. Ashlisha Asish (Std. 4) 14. Jagriti Mazumdar (Std. 5) 15. Akshita Sharma (Std. 5) 16. Alisha Tanvi (Std. 5) 17. Jigyas Kalita (Std. 6) 18. Aarohan M. Gogoi (Std. 7) 19. Angshruta Phukan (Std. 11) 20. Nargish Jahan (Std. 11) 21. Arpita Banik (Std. 11) 22. Kankana Sharma (Std. 12).

This was followed by Fun Games amongst Whole School Teachers and Staff and the winners were provided with Medals from Revered Principal Sir. A scrumptious lunch which was extended by the goodself of honourable Secretary Ma’am which was partaken and relished the whole staff. After the lunch Honorable Secretary Ma’am presented the entire staff with Teachers’ Day Gifts.